Lo kei wan - lantau Island beach campsite

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Lo Kei Wan : a new discovery. In this article, you’ll discover a new beach located on Lantau Island. Nestled between hills and forest. A new diamond. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the main road to the beach. 

Lo kei wan - lantau Island campsite
Lo kei wan - lantau Island
Lo kei wan - lantau Island beach campsite
Lo kei wan - lantau Island beach campsite

How to get to tong fuk beach ?

There's two main ways to reach tong fuk beach ?

From Hong Kong Island : Ferry to Mui Wo + Bus or taxi      


– From Tung Chung MTR, take the bus 11 or 23 or taxi.

– It takes around 40 – 45 minutes. 

– The beach is near a small village called Shui Hau.


to do

What to do in lo kei wan ?

1 - picnic and Relaxing day on the beach

Lo Kei Wan is located further on Lantau island, after Cheung Sha beach. Far away from the road and busy Hong Kong the beach is in the middle of nature, a small path through the forest will take you to your destination. 

A lovely location for camping, the bay is quiet, soft sand, not sure if there are any facilities available. Haven’t seen any. Respect nature, kindly takes back with you the trash. 

Lo kei wan - lantau Island campsite

Tips for your trip:

1 Depending on the hours of the day, buses are full, especially in the afternoon around 4 to 5 pm.

2 Blue taxis are usually fully booked, difficult to call and get one.

3 Take all that you need for the day : the remote beach.

4 Bring swimming suits and towels.

Tong Fuk Beach
Tong Fuk Beach

Where to find the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong ? Here a list of four beaches to discover in Sai Kung accessible by boat or hike :

1 – Tai wan Beach

2 – Ham Tin Beach

3 – Sai Wan Beach

4 – Tung Wan Beach

Which one is your favorite beach ? If you want to hike on Hong Kong Island Here and Here.



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