Long ke Beach Swim

Hello there ! In this article you’ll discover how to go to Long Ke beach located in Sai Kung country park. White and thin sand, Long ke Wan is perfect for weekend gate away and camping. Long Ke is another diamond of Hong Kong. Accessible by boat or hike, the beach is in a quiet bay surrounded by mountains and trees.

Long ke Beach landscape
Long ke beach speedboat
Long ke beach seafront
Long Ke beach
Long Ke Beach

How to get to long ke wan beach campsite ?

How to Go to long ke beach by speed boat ?

Sai Kung Pier where you can take the boat to long ke beach
Sai Kung Pier

The fastest way to reach the beaches is by speed boat from Sai Kung Pier.


– Make sure to buy your return ticket at the pier. Long Ke has no restaurant or facilities. It is pure adventure.

– Note with Covid 19 the speed boat services are restricted. 

– Update 16/02/2021, we took the speedboat from the beach to Sai Kung Pier.

how to go to long ke by hike ?

to do

What to do at the Beach ?

Long Ke Beach
Long Ke Beach
Picnic in Long ke beach
Health Camping Food
View on long ke beach from the path way

1 - camping on the beach

Moreover in Long Ke Beach you can camp, many people go and spend the weekend there. The main difference with Ham tin Beach is there is no restaurants or facilities at the beach.

Therefore makes sure to bring and carry all the necessary for your stay. 

2 - Relaxing day on the beach

In conclusion, if your are looking for a relaxing day at the beach for a gate away from Hong Kong. Long Ke beach is the solution. First, you’ll go for an amazing boat ride or hike. Second, you’ll relax on the beach and last, you can go for a swim in clear water.

3 - Paragliding

When the weather allowed it, paragliders end their fly on the beach, very impressive to see them flying above us and landing on the beach. In Hong Kong there’s paragliding tandem and training available. 

4 - Return by speedboat

Loving the return from the beach by speed boat, such beautiful landscapes and sunset. The boat is riding between the islands until reaching the buzzing Sai Kung Pier. With the recent restriction sea food restaurants aren’t open after 6pm. However some take away food and drinks are still available. The pier is still very crowded and traffic to go back to the city is stuck until 7pm to 8pm. 

Tips for your trip:

1 If taking the boat buy both ways at Sai Kung Pier 

2 Bring enough food, water, mosquitoes repellent, sunblock… if you are planning to stay other night. There is no restaurants.

3 –  Bring enough cash, taxis don’t want to use the taxi meters and charge randomly. Late afternoon the waiting line is long.

4 Bring swimming suits. 

View on Ham tin Beach from hiking path
Ham Tin Beach

Where to find the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong ? Here a list of four beaches to discover in Sai Kung accessible by boat or hike :

1 – Tai wan Beach

2 – Ham Tin Beach

3 – Sai Wan Beach

4 – Tung Wan Beach

Which one is your favorite beach ? If you want to hike on Hong Kong Island Here and Here.



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