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The historic capital of the Inca Empire has been built in the Peruvian Andes 3,399 m above sea level. Capital from the 13th to 16th century, Cusco has know its turning point in 1533 when the Spanish invaded the city. They defeated the Inca’s rulers and instituted the Spanish rules. Following this downfalls several rebellions have been engaged by the Incas but in vain.

After a long war of Independence, José de San Martín proclaimed the independence of Peru in 28 July 1821. As a result Peru has been independent of the Spanish Royalists. If you are visiting Cusco on July 28th-29th, due to festivities it is recommended to book hotel’s room in advance. Cusco has been granted the title of “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” in 1983.

Traditional clothes Cusco

budget to visit cusco

In average the city remains affordable for hotels & restaurants. What will cost you the most is mainly the tours. Especially going to Machu Picchu by train, I highly recommend to have enough time and hike to Machu Picchu. This will save you an average of about USD 200 for the train only. Here more information about Machu Picchu.

Cusco life
to do

What to do in cusco ?

1 - Plaza de armas Cusco

The heart of the city, ancient colonial buildings, tiny streets, beautiful garden, shops & restaurants are gathering around the plaza. Most of the important “fiestas” occur here.

Plaza de armas
Cusco square
Plaza de armas
Plaza de Armas

2 - San Pedro local Market

Very local & traditional market.  You can find vegetables, flowers, meat & plenty of other ingredients. The part I like the most was trying the local food. Got the Avocado sandwich and a drink they call Punch.

As per my understanding it is made with a kind of local corn.

You definitely have to try it. The sandwich was delicious, incredible how the Avocados taste in Peru. #Bestavocadointheworld

Drink + Sandwich: 5 soles.

Cusco Local Market
Cusco Local Market
Cusco Local Market
Local Market
Local Market
Avocado Sandwich
Avocado Sandwich
Cusco Local Market
Local Market Cusco

3 - Walk around the city

Then I enjoyed walking around the city to discover tiny streets, local shops & architectures. You can just do this for hours. Of course there are other sightseeing places such as Pikchu or Muyuq Marka. Muyuq Marka is an archaeological site use as a Temple of the Sun by the Incas. Mostly the center of Cusco has a lot to offer. Castle, cathedral & museums are located there. All depends on your schedule. Cusco has quite a lot of options and sites outside the city.


4 - Delicious lunch at Avocado at Avocado, Toast & more

My “Coup de coeur” is Avocado !!! Haven’t been very lucky with the restaurants in Cusco. But this one is a “Perle rare”.

Delicious dishes made with local ingredients, colorful & tasteful. Cherry on the top, they have amazing cafe latte which I struggled to find during my trip in South America.

Address : Santa Catalina Ancha 366, Cusco 08000, Peru
Phone : +51 993 093 675
Instagram : @avocadocusco

Cusco Avocado Lover

5 - Hike to Pukamuqu: Visit Muyuq Marka & Saqsaywaman

From Cusco city reach the viewpoint of Pukamuqu mountain. Where the statue of Cristo Blanco stand at the top of the mountain at nearly 3,600 meters. The view on the valley is impressive. Some Must-see near Pukamuqu. The sites of Muyuq Marka & Saqsaywaman made of stones of about 350 tones perfectly cut to nest into each other. The technology used is still unknown. Here an interesting article about the secret of Inca Stones.

6 - 5 celebrations that you can't miss in cusco

June is a great period to visit Cusco since many celebrations are organized. Colourful traditional clothes, dances, music and ceremonies will take place on the main plaza of Cusco.

You can discover them all in the link below :

Festivals of Cusco: 5 celebrations you can’t miss in June

Cusco Fiesta

7 - Looking for a traditional Hotel ?

Located just few meters away from La Plaza de Armas, in a tiny local street.

La Casona Real Cusco has an excellent location. Enjoy Inca’s history, construction, traditional colonial balconies & local food.

The house decoration is typically colonial to make you feel like you’re leaving in the past. Bedding is comfortable, in case you feel cold you can request an extra blanket.

Here the website to reserve directly with hotel.

La Casona Real
La Casona Real

Tips  for your trip :

1 – Postcards & Stamps : Buy the stamps directly at SERPOST located Avenido El Sol 800. Some shops are selling fake stamps.

2 At night temperatures in Cusco go down zero degree, bring warm clothes.

3 Take local buses to move around the cities near Cusco.

4 Drink Coca Leaf tea if you feel unwell due to the elevation.

Lagoinha do leste
Lagoinha do leste

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In this article you’ll discover how to go to Lagoinha Do Leste located in Florianopolis, Brazil.

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