Lagoinha Do Leste

Ola, Tudo Bem ?
In this article you’ll find the details to reach Lagoinha do Leste, a beautiful remote hidden beach surrounded by mountains in south Florianopolis.

If you have one day in Florianopolis, there is one place you should definitely go to. The beautiful hidden beach in the southern part of the island, only accessible by hiking.

A jewelry, nature beauty, you will not regret the efforts to get there. the Scenery, the beach & atmosphere, everything worth it. Let me share with you this fabulous Beach.

Lagoinha do leste
Lagoinha do leste

What is suggested to do before heading to Lagoinha do Lest


Such a great discovery, while I couldn’t find the path on google map, Avenza has it all even the secret one. The advantage of Avenza is the strength of the GPS, you don’t need internet, the app will locate you perfectly so you just have to follow the path.  Here the link of the map.

2 - equipment

Mosquitoes repellent & Suncream are your bestfriends. Was wearing long pants… those sneaky ones succeed to bite me through. And of course good sport shoes, Swimming suit & towels. Don’t forget to bring some water & snacks.

PS : Avoid the brand Sundown. So smelly, sticky and itchy.

How to get to Lagoinha do Leste ?

Uber is very economical in Brazil, the beginning of the trail is in Pantano Do Sul. Once you arrive in Pantano Do Sul, asked locals to make sure I get the right path. They are lovely and will certainly show you.

1 - Reach Pantano Do SUl

Lagoinha Do Leste beach
Path from Pantano Do Sul to Lagoinha Do Leste


2 - The Beginning of the Hike

From the main road in Pantano Do Sul when facing the sea, there is a path on your right side ( See picture above). Take this path, after around 200 meters you will see indication and the entrance of the hike. Note that the hike isn’t very difficult. I choose to take the wild hike through the forest (almost no clear path) in order to arrive at the top of the mountain. If you do not feel comfortable, I recommend to follow the official path.

Entrance Lagoinha do Leste
Entrance Lagoinha do Leste
Entrance Lagoinha do Leste
Entrance Lagoinha do Leste
Entrance Lagoinha do Leste

3 - Don't miss the wild path

In order to get to the secret path and ovoid climbing the mountain, don’t miss the cross path on your right side. It is not obvious at all, once you get close from it check the map. Be aware the path on the right side is not often used, so there is not much path, you’re in the jungle & have to pay attention where you put your feet. I did it alone, that was just fine, just don’t sprain your ankle in the middle of nowhere. You may not find someone to help you for few hours.

Lagoinha Do Leste - Avenza
Avenza Map : Very usefull since google map doesn't display detail.
Entrance of the wild path
Entrance of the wild path (right)
Take the path on the right to reach the peak of the mountain. Note this path isn't official and challenging. Better to be in group. Make sure to have long pants.

4 - View from the top

Chi Ma Wan trail isn’t intense, perfect for a nice family walk, enjoying the landscapes and mountain. In summer time might be quite challenging due to the humidity and heat. 

Note that there are few sections with stairs in order to reach the view points. Difficulty is reasonable and the path are well maintained. 

View on Lagoinha do Leste
View on Lagoinha do Leste
View on Lagoinha do Leste


In June, it is supposed to be winter. I was very lucky and could swim. The weather was more than 28 degrees and the water for sure above 20 degrees. Incredible feeling to be here for a day. Lay down on the beach, read a book, enjoy the sound of the ocean, surrounding by else nothing but nature and cool people I met on the way down.

Go doing the beach
Swim in June
Cute doggy


Was there a Saturday, the little “Bar” was open with some beers & snacks. Not sure what they are selling but they are very friendly and fun people. At night locals are gathering around fires, BBQ and play music. The atmosphere is pleasant, safe and warm. 

A great experience for a solo traveler.

Lagoinha do leste

Tips for your trip :

1 Make sure to bring water and food for the day.

2 Bring mosquito repellent, long pants, sunblock. Mosquitoes were vicious.

3 Don’t forget your swimming suit and towel.

4 Download Avenza Map to find your way.

View on Ham tin Beach from hiking path
Ham Tin Beach
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